James Taylor's New Album American Standard Out Now
Fantasy Records

Legendary singer-songwriter James Taylor's new album, American Standard is out now! The new collection marks Taylor's 19th studio album and his first release since 2015's Before This World, the first #1 album of his illustrious career. On American Standard, Taylor, reimagines some of the most beloved songs of the 20th century, infusing new sounds and fresh meaning into these timeless works of art. The 14 carefully chosen selections on American Standard naturally feature Taylor's one-of-a-kind vocal ability and incomparable musicianship, but what makes the album so unique is the inventive way he and fellow co-producers, longtime collaborator Dave O'Donnell and esteemed guitarist John Pizzarelli, approached the project: beautifully simple, stripped-down guitar arrangements based on Taylor's and Pizzarelli's skillful guitar work rather than the more traditional piano. The effect is mesmerizing.